Cancer Treatment; New Strategies/New Hopes

  • Ebrahim Salehifar
  • Maria Tavakkoli-Ardakani


Beginning in the early 2000s and based on the better
understanding of the biology of cancer, new drugs have
been developed that target specific molecular pathway in
malignant cells. There has been a significant shift from the
development of classic cytotoxic agents toward targeted
therapies. Dose limiting toxicities of target therapies are
often different. These agents have unique mechanism of
action and are very specific for one or several key cellular
biologic pathways. Introduction of these agents was
associated with a significant progress in the management
of some cancers. A good example is use of tyrosine kinase
inhibitor (TKIs) for the treatment of chronic myeloid
leukemia. Imatinib was the first one and several other
TKIs such as dasatinib, nilotinib, bosutinib and ponatinib
have been developed.

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