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Nonprescription Corticosteroid Use, Per Capita Consumption and Pattern of Distribution of Commonly Used Corticosteroids in Khuzestan Province Pharmacies Throughout 2016


Background: Corticosteroids are widely used in many medical problems; therefore, they are easily available in all types of pharmacies. Because of their dramatic response and different available formulations, the non-prescription use of these drugs is high, even though there are many side effects related to their use. The present study evaluates and compares the data reported by FDA, main health insurance organizations and pharmaceutical companies that distribute the corticosteroids.
Methods: This descriptive correlational, cross-sectional study was designed to assess the prevalence, distribution pattern, per capita prescription and non-prescription consumption of 11 high-consumption corticosteroids in private and public pharmacies of Khuzestan province throughout 2016.
Results: The results indicated that the highest distribution of corticosteroids is related to private pharmacies. Among the cities of Khuzestan, the highest rate of non-prescription use of corticosteroids was in Haftkel city, and the lowest was in Andika city. Among the drugs, prednisolone 5 mg tablets and dexamethasone 5 mg tablets have the highest per capita prescription and non-prescription consumption in Khuzestan province, respectively.
Conclusion: According to the results of this study, the per capita consumption of corticosteroids is high, and the pharmacies seem to dispense these drugs widely. Therefore accurate recording of the distribution and dispense of corticosteroids by FDA on a monthly and annual basis is crucial. It is necessary to increase the supervision of drug companies that provide the supply of corticosteroids.

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Nonprescription Drugs; Pharmacy; Glucocorticoids; Pharmaceutical Services; Iran

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