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Drug Utilization Evaluation of Vancomycin in a Referral Infectious Center in Mazandaran Province


Background: DUE (Drug Utilization Evaluation) studies can help identify and correct problems associated with irrational use of drugs. Considering lack of data regarding how rational vancomycin is being used, we evaluated this DUE study in a referral infectious center to evaluate compliance with guidelines in terms of rational use of this valuable antibiotic.
Methods: This retrospective study was done for 6 months from March to September 2012 at Razi hospital, an educational hospital affiliated to Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. Data including patients’ demographics, vancomycin dose, kidney function assessment, dose adjustments, sampling and culture were collected. Based on the HICPAC (Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee) and Up-to-date 2012 advices, the concordance of practice with standard guidelines was assessed.
Results: One hundred and forty six medical records were reviewed in this study. Fever and shortness of breath were the most common symptoms at the time of initiation of vancomycin. Skin infections, lower respiratory tract infection and septicemia were the most common initial diagnosis of patients. Sampling was done in almost one-third of patients. Most of patient with a specific order were received vancomycin in half an hour. Considering the indication, Vancomycin was administered appropriately in 58 percent of patients.
Conclusion: Vancomycin was used irrationally in a great proportion of patients. The main observed drawbacks were empiric use of vancomycin without subsequent adjustment of antimicrobial agent according to culture and sensitivity data and lack of paying enough attention to calculation of creatinine clearance and dosage adjustment.

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