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Effect of Metformin Monotherapy and Combination Therapy with Glimepiride on Lipid Profile in Drug Naive Type-2 Diabetes Patients: A Prospective Observational Study


Background: Dyslipidemia is an important risk factor for development of macrovascular disease. Altered lipid metabolism and abnormality in serum lipid profile results atherogenic dyslipidemia this can worsen the prognosis of diabetic patients and increases risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.  This study aims to evaluate the effect of metformin monotherapy and combination therapy with glimepiride on lipid profile of drug naive type-2 diabetes patients after 10-12 weeks of treatment. Methods: In this study, prescriptions of 120 OPD (Outpatient department) patients of drug naive type-2 diabetes were collected. The detailed observation of: demographic, drug details and investigations done were noted in a specially designed preform. The data was analyzed statistically and results were expressed as numbers and percentage. Results: The total of 120 patients prescriptions was analyzed. Among these male was 62.5% and female were 37.5%, most common affected age group was between 31-50 years with mean age of 43.82 yrs. Metformin was most commonly prescribed drug 42% followed by its combination with glimepiride 58%. Average blood glucose level prior therapy was 193.4mg/dl and post therapy it was 135.2mg/dl. After 10-12 weeks of metformin monotherapy and combination therapy with glimepiride LDL was significantly reduced from 92.3mg/dl to 83.2mg/dl, TG was reduced from 145.5mg/dl to 132 mg/dl and HDL increased from 29.1 mg/dl to 32.9 mg/dl. Conclusion: Metformin monotherapy and combination therapy with glimepiride appreciably improved dyslipidemia in drug naive type-2 diabetes patients.

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